Three Ways To Get Driving Lessons And Practice In Before The Road Test

5 December 2017
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Kids grow up quickly. One minute you are changing their diapers, and the next, they are 16 and begging for driver's education and their licenses. If this is where your teen is at right now, you might be surprised to learn that there are more options now for learning how to drive than there were when you were the same age. The following three options, listed from least expensive to most expensive, are the most common. Read More 

Three Gifted Education Tips You Should Follow For Your Young Scholar

14 October 2017
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If you want your child to get the most from their time in school, it's important to do everything possible to set them on the right track. A big part of this is ensuring that they are enrolled in the schools and classes that are suited to their capabilities and needs. When your child is gifted, they may be bored or otherwise uninterested in their education. To capitalize on their potential and help them develop a love for education, consider these tips below: Read More 

Why Montessori Is A Great Choice For A Child With ADHD

22 August 2017
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ADHD is a legendarily difficult problem that many children struggle to overcome while learning. The traditional teaching method leaves them very little room to adapt. However, a growing number of parents are turning to the Montessori Method to help their children with ADHD learn more effectively.  Why Children With ADHD Struggle In A Traditional Learning Environment A traditional teaching environment is designed in a way that makes it hard for children with ADHD to learn. Read More 

Understanding The Benefits Of Child Centered Learning For Different Learning Styles

25 July 2017
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Just as children have very unique personalities, they also have different learning styles. Recognizing the differences in the way kids learn and approaching education in ways that tailor to those differences can make a big difference in their chances of academic success. If you're looking to start your child's academic career in an environment that embraces those differences, you may want to consider child-centered education. Here's a look at what you should know about this kind of learning environment. Read More 

How to Make a Fair Assessment of Child Care Facilities

14 July 2017
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Parents generally have a good number of options when it comes to finding nearby child care providers. In fact, there may be several cheerfully decorated preschools and child care facilities within a few blocks of your home. However, you can't judge the quality of a daycare facility based just on its outward appearance. You can talk to other parents to learn what their recommendations are, but your personal preferences and priorities might be at opposite spectrums. Read More