Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Watch TV Before Going To Kindergarten

27 October 2019
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For parents of kindergarten students, the morning before school can often be a stressful time. Some children are slow to get up, or can be fussy in the morning, which can make the entire process of getting dressed, fed, and out the door in a timely manner a challenge. Lots of parents allow their kindergarten-bound children to watch TV in the morning — often using the appeal of a children's show as an incentive to get up promptly. Read More 

Three Reasons To Consider Online Schooling For Your Teen

23 June 2018
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When many parents think about schooling for their teenagers, they picture a traditional school that the students visit to take classes Monday through Friday. However, this isn't the only type of educational environment that may be suitable for your teen. Some parents turn to online schooling for their teens. While you might commonly equate online education with taking a post-secondary course, there are several educational organizations that offer online courses for those in high school. Read More 

Tips for Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

3 March 2018
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Choosing a preschool for your child is a critical decision. Many new parents will find that they feel uncomfortable or unprepared to make this decision for their children, and this can lead them to question their ability to make an informed choice in this regard. In order to be better prepared to decide on a preschool for your child, there are several considerations that should be reviewed as you make a decision. Read More 

Three Ways To Get Driving Lessons And Practice In Before The Road Test

5 December 2017
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Kids grow up quickly. One minute you are changing their diapers, and the next, they are 16 and begging for driver's education and their licenses. If this is where your teen is at right now, you might be surprised to learn that there are more options now for learning how to drive than there were when you were the same age. The following three options, listed from least expensive to most expensive, are the most common. Read More 

Why Montessori Is A Great Choice For A Child With ADHD

22 August 2017
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ADHD is a legendarily difficult problem that many children struggle to overcome while learning. The traditional teaching method leaves them very little room to adapt. However, a growing number of parents are turning to the Montessori Method to help their children with ADHD learn more effectively.  Why Children With ADHD Struggle In A Traditional Learning Environment A traditional teaching environment is designed in a way that makes it hard for children with ADHD to learn. Read More