Why Montessori Is A Great Choice For A Child With ADHD

22 August 2017
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ADHD is a legendarily difficult problem that many children struggle to overcome while learning. The traditional teaching method leaves them very little room to adapt. However, a growing number of parents are turning to the Montessori Method to help their children with ADHD learn more effectively. 

Why Children With ADHD Struggle In A Traditional Learning Environment

A traditional teaching environment is designed in a way that makes it hard for children with ADHD to learn. While this atmosphere of specific and guided memorization and learning is right for a variety of students, those with ADHD often have a hard time paying attention to things that don't interest them. Even worse, they may be hyperactive and hard to focus.

These problems are likely to show up very young in the child's education process. You should be noticing them by the time your child is in grade school. They need to be fixed early because ADHD can affect them for their whole life and make it nearly impossible for them to learn. Thankfully, Montessori education is a great alternative to the traditional learning method.

The Montessori Philosophy Is Suited For ADD

The philosophy behind the Montessori Method is very simple. It is designed to let the child explore their educational environment in a way that interested them. Instead of forcing a child to memorize items that didn't interest them, Montessori gives the child more freedom. A teacher in this environment is designed to steer the student in a helpful direction and encourage their learning.

In this way, it can help a student with ADHD by tapping into their intelligence and directing them onto things that intrigue them. Best of all, it can teach the child the kind of self-control and direction that they need to be successful in a variety of learning environment. Successful education in a Montessori environment requires specialized materials.

Materials That Help With Teaching ADD Students

When it comes to ADHD, there are many materials that can be used to teach students with ADHD. Many of these include blocks and shapes that the child can manipulate in a variety of ways. The energy and scattered focus caused by ADHD is often best tapped by allowing the child to explore their environment in a hands-on way.

Other types of materials used to teach ADHD students in a Montessori environment include specialized reading materials that are interesting to them. Children with ADHD are often very intelligent and read quite well but only if interested. As a result, specialized books and pamphlets are often needed to help focus their attention.

While it can be frustrating to teach students with ADHD, a Montessori Method school is a major advantage. That's why it is worth investigating these schools. Parents may be surprised at just how effective they can be for their student.