Why You Shouldn't Let Your Child Watch TV Before Going To Kindergarten

27 October 2019
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


For parents of kindergarten students, the morning before school can often be a stressful time. Some children are slow to get up, or can be fussy in the morning, which can make the entire process of getting dressed, fed, and out the door in a timely manner a challenge. Lots of parents allow their kindergarten-bound children to watch TV in the morning — often using the appeal of a children's show as an incentive to get up promptly. While it's easy to understand this approach, TV before school isn't ideal. Here are some reasons to keep the TV turned off before your child heads to kindergarten.

It Can Slow Things Down

Your child may bounce up from bed in the morning because he or she knows that the TV is on, but there's little doubt that watching TV while eating breakfast or getting ready for school will slow down the child's progress. Many children are so captivated by their TV shows that they stop eating while they watch, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. You may put your child in front of the screen for 10 minutes, and then return to the room and notice that he or she hasn't eaten a bite of breakfast. With the TV off, you can avoid this unnecessary delay.

It May Change the Child's Behavior

Some children's behavior changes after they've been watching TV. For example, if your child has just watched a superhero cartoon, he or she might be a little more energetic — perhaps jumping off furniture and kicking or chopping at the air. Energy before school can be a good thing, but this type of aggressive energy will be a concern. The last thing that you want is for your child to be so influenced by what he or she has watched that the child begins to act aggressively toward other children in the kindergarten class. Keeping the TV off in the morning can help to promote calmness before school.

It Doesn't Foster Creativity

Going to kindergarten gives your child an opportunity to be creative. Art projects, stories, and other types of work can all foster creativity, which is critical for developing your child during this stage of life. While certain children's programming encourages them to be creative, this isn't always the case. If your child watches a show that doesn't foster creativity, he or she may not be as creative as is ideal once the school day starts. This can thus impede your child's progress in the classroom.

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