4 Benefits Of Pursing Business Administration Degree As A Veteran

28 August 2018
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When you go to college after having served in the military, you want to walk out of college with a degree that will help you obtain the type of job that you want to pursue in your post-military life. When it comes to a degree that will open a wide range of doors a business administration degree is a well-rounded degree that provides access to a wide variety of fields.

#1 Be Able to Command a Healthy Salary

One of the advantages of getting a business administration degree is that it commands a higher starting salary than other liberal arts degrees. The connection to business is seen as more valuable to many employers than degrees in other fields, and that connection to business leads to higher salaries. If you want to quickly get back to the pay level that you made while in the military, a business administration degree can be an important first step. 

Pretty much any job you get has to do with business. Even running a farm or an art collective or a non-profit is connected to business and business principles. Your degree provides value to just about any career that you choose, and your training and background in business administration will often help lead to higher starting offers, and higher salaries than another similar candidate who doesn't have a degree in business administration may command.

#2 Demonstrate Well-Roundedness

A business administration degree shows that you are well rounded. A business administration degree is not just about business principles.

As it is a liberal arts degree, it also shows that you have knowledge and skills that extend to the arts, sciences, and humanities. It also shows that you have critical thinking, analysis, and planning skills. This type of degree shows that you are able to master a complicated skill set, which is a trait that many businesses are looking for. Combined with your military training and experience, a business administration degree will further show that you have all the skills and dedication a potential employer could want. 

#3 Provide You with Versatility

As stated above, one of the other big advantages of a business administration degree is that it will provide you with opportunities to work in a wide variety of fields. You are not going to be limited to a single career field. Your degree can work in more traditional sectors such as finance just as well as it will benefit you in the non-profit sector or as an entrepreneur. With a business administration degree, your career field and options are wide open.

If you have multiple passions that you want to pursue as a veteran, and your ambitions are not tied to one particular career field, a business administration degree is a great degree to obtain that will allow you to pursue all of your various career passions. 

#4 Building Block for Further Education

Finally, getting a business administration bachelor's degree puts you in a great place for higher learning. If you want to eventually get a Master's in Business Administration, more commonly referred to as an MBA, you are in a great place to do so. This type of training and education will make obtaining an MBA a very easy transition for you. Obtaining an MBA will only increase your salary and career prospects even more.

As a veteran, you want to make sure that you make smart choices about how you use the education money that you earned while in the military. A business administration degree could be the right step for you. Make sure that you meet with a veteran admission advisor to go over all of your skills sets, experience, and ambitions to make sure that you choose the right degree that will help you pursue your passions going forward. 

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